Encryption Algorithms

CryptDeCrypt allows you to encrypt data based on an entered password using various cryptographic algorithms, such as AES, Triple DES, GOST, RC2, RC4 and Data Protection Windows API. A common question may appear: Which encryption algorithm is better? Typically a strength of an algorithm depends on a cipher key length. With an estimation that encryption algorithm is attempted to be broken by applying brute computational force any algorithm with a key length 256-bit would not be breakable in the nearest future. We would lean in favor of using AES or Triple-DES among the provided algorithms to encrypt your data. That does not mean that you may not use other given algorithms, they also provide a powerful capability of securing your data. A particular attention should be paid to Data Protection API algorithms. They provide an integrated encryption security with Windows operating system.

Here is more information about algorithm acronyms
AES - Advanced Encryption Standard
Triple DES - Triple Data Encryption Algorithm
GOST - GOST 28147-89 Soviet and Russian government standard 
RC2 - block cipher designed by Ron Rivest in 1987 
RC4 - the most widely-used software stream cipher 

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