CryptDecrypt - User Interface

When you launch the software you are presented with a view shown below. This is a default "Encrypted Files" view that allows you to add files or folders, encrypt and decrypt files, remove files from the list and erase data.

Toolbar button "Add" will allow you selecting individual files for encryption, "Remove" will delete a highlighted file from the list. "Clear" button will remove all files that are not encrypted from the view. When you highlight a file or multiple files and click "Shred" button, you will be prompted if you would like to erase these files. CryptDecrypt uses cryptographically strong data to overwrite contents of the file before removing the file. When you use "Shred" function you will not be able to restore shredded files with any data recovery software, like "Undelete"

"Encrypt" and "Decrypt" buttons will encrypt or decrypt highlighted file(s) in the list. "Cancel" button will stop encryption process. "Refresh" button will refresh contents of Windows Explorer view.

Windows Explorer view allows you quickly adding individual files or folders for encryption and also encrypting/decrypting files or folders. Just right-click on a file or folder object and select "Encrypt item(s)" or "Decrypt item(s)".

CryptDecrypt is integrated with Windows Explorer. That means that you may encrypt/decrypt files without even starting the main program, all you have to do is to right-click on a file or several highlighted files in Windows Explorer and select "Encrypt file(s)" or "Decrypt file(s)" from popup menu:

This will quickly bring a standard password entry dialog to decrypt files.

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