The HDD Destruction Process

Many people make the mistake of throwing or giving away their hard drive. There is a risk of data being stolen from the HDD if someone with bad intention gets it. Effective hard drive destruction methods must be used to get rid of an HDD completely. This is especially necessary for organisations, businesses and corporate companies. Their HDDs contain sensitive data that if stolen can create lots of problems for them. Those who know it can decrypt even encrypted files.

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Why Destroy an HDD?

The main reason for it is that even when data has been deleted from an HDD, it remains present in it. Sometimes you can recover deleted data using simple data recovery utility tools. Other times it is not possible to recover deleted data. However, even when you are unable to recover deleted data with a data recovery program, it still remains on the HDD. There are ways to recover data that has been deleted. The data must be erased completely from the HDD. It can be recovered by people who know how to do it. Sometimes, just erasing data of an HDD may not be sufficient. For very sensitive data, it is important to destroy the hard drive properly so that data cannot be recovered ever by any means.

The Process of HDD Destruction

Once you have determined a used HDD is not needed any longer, you should get rid of it properly. You can use professional HDD destruction services if you have lots of discarded HDDs or you want to destroy an HDD properly. Do not discard a PC or laptop with its HDD intact. Use effective destruction techniques or services of a professional HDD destruction company to destroy your HDD completely. This company will make sure no one can recover data from your HDD. To destroy an HDD, first delete all data from your HDD. The next step is to take out the HDD from your computer or laptop and use physical destruction methods to destroy the magnetic platter inside the HDD that stores data. There are various ways to do it.

Some of these options include:

• Degaussing

• Shredding

• Disintegration

• Melting

• Drilling

Except for the drilling method, most other options require special equipment that is quite expensive. These devices are not recommended for destroying one or a few HDDs. This is the reason organisations hand over their HDDs to a company that offers professional HDD destruction services. It not only destroys hard drives completely but also makes sure the resulting waste and the remaining parts are discarded properly as per the local e-waste disposal guidelines.

If you have the time and some DIY skills, and you have only a few hard drives to destroy, you can handle the HDD destruction process yourself using the drilling and hammering methods. The data is stored on the magnetic platter so it must be destroyed fully. If you do not want to do this job yourself, send it to an HDD destruction services company. It will destroy your HDD properly and fully. You will also receive details about your HDDs that were destroyed. Make sure you destroy your HDDs properly, or its data can be recovered and used for nefarious activities. It will harm the reputation of your brand. You may suffer financial damage if your bank and financial data is compromised.